A downloadable game for Windows

The Games

Stign is the set of three concepts that, although controlled differently, contains objectives and shared gameplay.

All three, Wayz, Daqq and Reise have the main objective of reaching the end of the levels proposed, either with keyboard control or by voice, it will take a little experimentation to successfully overcome the different objectives.

Creative Statements

  • Abstract scenarios
  • Different inputs:
    • One-Button
    • Full Keyboard
    • Voice - Microphone
  • Isometric camera
  • Move along the vertices and edges of the maps

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Install Instructions & Controls

The current version is only a prototype. It´s only for Windows x64.

- Wayz (Control with space)

- Daqq (Control with all the keyboard)

- Reise (Control with microphone)

  1. Use your voice intensity as a sonar to see the ways and find the obstacles
  2. Say "Izquierda" to move to the left
  3. Say "Derecha" to move to the right
  4. Say "Arriba" to go up (if it's possible)
  5. Say "Abajo" to go down (if if it's possible)
  6. Say "Atrás" to return to the previous point If you haven't reached the next one (use it to avoid the obstacles)

Develop by:

  • Rodrigo Perdices Bordonado as programmer & designer.
  • Borja Borrallo San Segundo as designer & art.


Daqq_Build_Fullkeyboard.zip 23 MB
Wayz_Build_1btn.zip 28 MB
Reise_Build_Mic_Ctrl.zip 24 MB